How to Prevent Acne Scars and get rid of it for Good

Scars are your skin’s way of telling you that it is repairing itself. While your acne may be gone, scars may still linger on the skin. Treating acne scars is undoubtedly a process from stressful to nightmare which is why how you handle your acne determines whether or not scars will appear or not.

Prevent acne before it even starts

Preventing acne may sound easier said than done.  Preventing acne doesn’t only stop in your daily face routine. Knowing what food, chemicals and exposures may increase your chances of preventing acne. Avoid eating foods that tends to give you more breakouts than the usual. Throw away facial cleansers who seem to worsen your irritation and switch to a gentler one. Preventing acne is a lot easier that treating them.

Know your acne

Before treating any acne, know what you’re dealing with first. There are different types of acne ranging from mild, those small lesions that are as tiny as a dot or big pimple type cysts that are often greater than a dot. These types of pimples are often characterized as painful, reddened raised bumps on the skin sometimes with pus. Thankfully, pimples start out as a mild bump on the skin which is then easy to treat before they actually become worse. Knowing the type of acne you have will give you a better idea of the kind of treatment that is best suited for it.

Don’t prick!

Our skin is composed of tiny collagen fibers that give the skin its strength and waterproof ability. When a pimple is inflamed, this may destroy the collagen fibers of the skin causing depressed scars similar to those craters up on the moon. The bigger the pimple, the deeper the scar and if thas isn’t bad enough, studies show that acne may tend to leave a scar even when they aren’t popped or pricked but doing so increases your chances of endangering your skin. When you pop a pimple, this changes the texture and color of the skin due to tiny capillaries that have been broken. Popping the pimple doesn’t only mean broken skin but it means debris are further logged to the follicle. As a result, your skin will try to heal itself. Sometimes the scars go away but most of the time they stay for good. Bacteria from the popped pimple may spread to other parts of the skin causing more break-outs so popping and pricking is definitely a no-no.

Use anti-inflammatory cleansers

The best way to treat existing acne is to lessen its inflammation.  Green tea has been proven to lessen inflammation and redness significantly to prevent deep acne scars. Cleansers with green tea extract are perfect for acne prone and sensitive skin.


Unfortunately, there is no sure and fast way to get rid of acne scars. Some deep acne scars may stay permanently for the rest of our lives depending on skin color that we have. For medium to dark skin tones, acne marks may fade away in 6 months or so. For fair skinned individuals, acne marks may be more visible and more treatment is required. Simple treatments such as glycolic acid peel may be done at home to get rid of those dead skin cells. Getting rid of dead skin allows healthy cells to grow which sheds away dark areas.

When all else fails, dermatologists recommend diamond peel and laser procedures all at hand for those who are willing to spend more all for the name of beauty.


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