Coconut Oil As A Natural Acne Remedy

coconut oil as acne scar removal
Acne and acne scars have been the concern of the many now a days, not only by teens, but also by adults, not only be girls but as well as boys. We see it as something that really needs a fast solution. Though a lot of us have resorted to use commercial products or company manufactured products, some still resort to the safe and natural ways to get rid of acne scars. A lot of plants, fruits, and even vegetables have been said to clear out acne scars. A few examples are cucumbers, apples, aloe vera gel, oranges, but have you heard of the so-called Tree of Life?

The coconut tree has been commonly called “The Tree of Life” especially by Asians. Every part of the tree is useful for building, medication, food, and tools. One particular part of the coconut that has been known to be useful in many ways is the coconut oil.

Coconut oil is commonly used for nourishing our hair, making it smoother and silkier. It has also been known to nourish and whiten our skin. Some say it is a very crucial ingredient to some recipes. One thing that you might not know, is that coconut oil is also used for the removal of acne scars. Acne is mostly caused by bacteria that are easily trapped on our pores due to heat. Coconut oil contains lauric, caprylic and capric acid, these acids have been proven to fight against bacteria that cause acne, coconut oil can as well as serve as cream to diminish acne scars and preventing new acne scars to form.

Applying coconut oil is not as complicated as applying other products. Follow the steps below:

Wash face with warm water and soap, rinse with warm water so the pores would still be open.

Gently pat face with clean and soft towel.

Apply coconut oil in the affected areas. It would be good if its cold so that the acids will get inside the pores and then it will close up avoiding other substances from getting trapped inside.

Do these two to three times a day continuously, it is suggested though to do this morning, noon, and before going to sleep

There may also be other methods in using coconut oil as an aid in the removal of acne scars, but it is you  who can decide which works well for you. The process may be as easy as one two and three, but remember, like any other product, this will not work overnight or if you stop using it from time to time. The key for this natural solution to work is to use it continuously until you reached the desired result, but if you choose to continue even then, there will still be no problem because coconut oil is a natural solution making it most likely safe to use. In cases of allergy or intense skin reaction immediate stop of usage is required.


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