Subcutaneous Incision: Acne Scars Solution

subcutaneous incision for acne scar removalGiven the fact that numerous available acne scar removal products are just a few dollars away from you, why bother with a surgical type one? Ask yourself. Because if you are someone who has an acne problem, the mere fact that you are reading this signifies that you are interested or at least curious about subcutaneous incision as an acne scar removal technique.

What is subcutaneous incision anyway?

Subcutaneous incision, or better known as subcision, is a simple medical process of acne scar removal. The incision can be performed with the use of a local anesthesia.  It was David and Norman Orentreich who named it as such way back in 1995. Subcision is often used to treat a wide range of skin problems that includes rolling acne scars.

Now you might be wondering what rolling acne scar is. Aren't all of the acne scars just the same? No. According to Angel Palmer, rolling acne scars are broad in appearance. They have rounded and sloping edges that differentiate them from the others.

How does subcutaneous incision works?

This acne scar removal method is a process by which a small blade or a needle, in most cases, is inserted at the border of the scarred skin surface. Accordingly, subcision is usually done by using a Nokor needle or an atribevelled needle.

The blade or the needle has to be placed in a parallel position since it will be run through the target area. This allows the needle to cut the group of skin tissue that causes a ‘wave-like’ depression at the surface of the skin.

Since it is a surgical procedure, there is a chance of having bruises which usually disappear in a span of one week. But overall, its side effects can be considered as very minimal compared to other acne scar removal methods. Bleeding might also occur but it can be treated, of course, with the help of your doctor. Nonetheless, the application of bandage and antibacterial cream are always necessary.

There is nothing much to worry about subcutaneous incision since it has been long proven to be an effective acne scar removal technique with a success rate of 40% to as high as 80%. 

Its cost varies from $50 to less than $1000, depending on the area covered and the charge of your doctor. The duration of subcision varies in direct proportion to the number of areas to be treated. For 10 areas subject to acne scar removal treatment, it would most likely last for about half an hour or more.

Subcision, no matter how promising it may appeal to you, is a surgery. That alone is an enough reason for you to do some adequate research about this acne scar removal method. You can also inquire to some people who have undergone such procedure before engaging into this.

If you personally think that your acne problem is more severe than the average, you should secure yourself with a highly skilled professional, not just for a high chance of quality results but also for safety purposes.


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