Sandalwood As An Anti-Acne Agent

Acne attacks can be very problematic. While many breakouts turn out to be temporary, they leave behind ghastly scars that are difficult to completely erase or remove. Regardless of whether they are blemishes left behind by years as an awkward teenager, or new marks from your most recent PMS pimple-fest, acne scars can be a cause of embarrassment and can somewhat affect one’s self-esteem.

Technology has made it possible to permanently get rid of or fade away these acne marks. However, such dermatological treatments come with a hefty price tag, which some of us might not be able to completely afford. Furthermore, such treatments could not completely guarantee clear skin, and may even aggravate breakouts and cause skin irritation due to chemical components that may be too harsh or abrasive to the skin. But before you think there is no hope, think again. Some of the most effective yet underrated anti-acne products are actually inexpensive, accessible and far gentler to the skin. Mother Nature has one of, if not, the best beauty and healthcare arsenal out there, trumping chemically processed solutions in cost, effectiveness and skin-friendliness.

use sandalwood for acne scar removal
Take the plant sandalwood, for instance. The sandalwood is a hemiparasitic plant, a kind of plant that depends on other living organisms to nourish and sustain itself. It is most commonly known for its essential oils, which harbor a fresh, earthy, deep scent, and which are used as active ingredients in creating fragrances such as colognes and perfumes.  Its oils, which happen to be antimicrobial, are also known to be made into antiseptic medicine and aroma-therapeutic materials. The plant itself also features heavily in different cultures and religions all over the word (such as Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism) as incense, paste or offerings needed in religious rituals and activities. Its fruit and seeds are also eaten in Australia and other parts of the world.

However, the sandalwood is also an effective treatment against the effects of acne.  Due to its ability to stunt the growth of microorganisms and bacteria, it can be used as a powerful agent to use against pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. It is also very accessible—you could usually purchase powdered sandalwood or sandalwood oil in the spice sections of your local grocery or in Asian stores.

If you are looking for ways to create a simple, homemade facial mask out of sandalwood to help clear up your old and existing acne scars, here are two very simple mixtures that you could use.

use sandalwood and rosewater for acne scar removal
Sandalwood and Rosewater – Rosewater refreshes and revitalizes the skin, aside from giving it a healthy, natural glow. In a bowl filled with a quarter cup of rose water, mix one to two tablespoons of sandalwood powder. Spread the mixture evenly all over your face until it dries. Rinse off with warm water.

Sandalwood and Lemon - All you need for this simple face mask are sandalwood oil, some turmeric powder and fresh lemon or lime juice. Mix one tablespoon of each ingredient in a small bowl, then apply on your face for fifteen to twenty minutes. Rinse off with warm water.


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