Learn How To Remove Acne Scars With Home Remedies

If acne has left you with permanent scarring on your skin, there are effective treatments available to help diminish the look of these scars. While there are several medical procedures that can be done, many of these are quite intense and pose several potential side effects and risks. There are, however, many home remedies that are safe and effective, not to mention less expensive to use.

Sandalwood and Rosewater
Sandalwood when mixed with rosewater can be very effective. You can mix these ingredients to create a paste-like substance. This paste can be applied to the skin and left to set for about 60 minutes and then rinsed off. Sandalwood helps by improving the skin’s healing process.

lemon juice to remove acne scar
Lemon Juice
Lemon juice is known to be a natural bleaching agent and can help to reduce dark acne scarring. Lemon juice also works as an antibacterial agent and helps remove unwanted bacteria that can damage the skin. The lemon juice can be applied directly the skin with a cotton swab.

Cucumbers have been used to promote healthy skin for years.  Since cucumbers have a high water concentration, it helps to hydrate the skin and reduce inflammation and redness. You can either slice a cucumber and place it directly on the skin or use cucumber juice.

Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera is a well-known anti-inflammatory agent that helps to improve the skin’s healing process and remove acne scarring. Aloe Vera can be applied to the scarred area of the skin for 20 minutes every day. The area should be completely cleansed and dry after 20 minutes of use to prevent damage to the skin.

use potato for acne scar removal
Like lemon juice, potatoes also have bleaching capabilities. This can help diminish the look of acne scars on the skin and make them barely noticeable. You can either slice a potato and rub it directly on the area that is scarred, or grate the potato to gather its juices, and apply this juice to your skin using a cotton swab.

Oatmeal helps to clean the pores on the skin and remove dead cells from the top layer of your epidermis. It also works to absorb oils on the skin that can clog the skin’s pores. Oatmeal can be mixed with water or honey to form a paste that can be applied directly to the skin.

Tomatoes are high water concentration, which helps to hydrate the skin and reduce inflammation. In addition, tomatoes include Vitamin A that is known to promote healthy skin cell production, which can work to reduce scars on the skin. Tomatoes should be smashed with a spoon and then applied directly to the skin.

use toothpaste to get rid of acne scar
Toothpaste includes ingredients like triclosan, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide that work to dry out pimples before they can leave scars. The toothpaste should be applied directly to the affected area of the skin for at least one hour, but can remain on overnight. When finished, you should thoroughly wash your face with mild soap to remove the toothpaste. 

Vitamin E
Vitamin E is a natural ingredient that helps to heal the skin and return it to its natural look and feel. It can also be used for cuts, burns, or scarring. Vitamin E capsules can be purchased and cut opened to apply to your scars, or vitamin E oil can be purchase and applied with a cotton swab. 

use ice cube for acne scar removal
Ice Cubes
Many people believe that ice cubs can freeze the scarring on your skin and diminish its look. The ice cubes can be place directly on the scar or you can use a thin cloth between the scar and the ice cube, so it is not so cold to touch. Keep the ice in place for at least ten minutes each day.

These home remedies have different effects on different people. You may want to try one or several home remedies to see which treatment options works best for you. If one remedy does not work for you, feel free to try one of the others on the list. Overtime, these natural remedies will help to reduce the scarring caused by acne and will promote healthier looking skin.


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