Dealing with Defiant Scars? Let The Dermaroller Save The Day!

So you have a pocketmark or two, standing out proudly on your chin or the tip of your nose. You’ve successfully made it through acne attack after acne attack in your purgatorial puberty phase, but you’re left with scars that solidly taunt you through your adult years. You walk into a job interview feeling anything but confident, you keep your head down when you’re on the street, and you turn down even the most potentially interesting dates. All because of acne scars.

If you find yourself troubled with blemishes from your past battles with pimples, blackheads and whiteheads, you are not alone. Millions of teenagers and adults suffer through dreaded breakouts, often resorting to drastic measures such as medication or even invasive treatments. But if you know for a fact that your acne is quite manageable and the only thing that bugs you are the scars that never seem to go away, don’t fear.

Enter the dermaroller. The dermaroller is an incredible tool created specifically to encourage skin rejuvenation and regeneration. It resembles a small wheel with spikes or studs that reduce old scar tissue and rouse new cellular growth for healthier, smoother skin. Unlike laser treatments, which work in a similar fashion, the dermaroller does not leave wounds that need to heal before a significant improvement in skin texture is made visible.  

And then there’s the dermapen, a revolutionary advancement in skin care that promotes micro needling. Dermapen micro needling involves running a device with needles across the skin, to stimulate  the production of collagen and aid quicker development of new cells. It is also called Collagen Induction Therapy. This procedure is very similar to the dermaroller.

If you’re considering purchasing a dermaroller or undergoing the dermapen micro needling procedure, you might want to think of a few factors that could potentially affect the efficacy and the outcome of these treatments. You have suffered from scars pretty much all your life, and now you can get rid of them for good—but it’s also essential to know what level of dedication and commitment you could muster when undergoing these treatments.

The first thing to consider is, what kind of scars do you have and how long have you had them? Are you looking to treat blemishes from facial acne, or are there other types of scars that you wish to see gone, such as stretchmarks, keloids, and scars that occurred from burn accidentsWhile the dermapen micro needling technique and the use of the dermaroller have produced very good results in many individuals, keep in mind that they work best on scars that are relatively new (scars not more than eight to nine months old).

Second, do you have the capacity to do treatment on your own, or would you rather have a dermatologist treat you? The dermaroller can be purchased and used in the comforts of your own bathroom, but it is still advisable to have a dermatologist get you started during the first few sessions. Of course, this might be more expensive than self-treatment.

Third, how much are you willing to spend and how much time are you willing to invest? Having a dermatologist take care of the procedure for you may cost more, but it is probably a safer option if you’re unsure of how to handle the process on your own. Having said that, regardless if you plan to do  the process at home or at a clinic, it is important to consult your doctor prior to treatment.


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