Natural Methods to Remove Acne Scars

Most people who suffer from acnes search for two solutions: acne removal and acne scar removal. How you handle things, events on your life and people around you, your self-confidence and esteem matters. However, mostly our confidence depends on how you look or on other perspectives, ‘how you feel you look’. As it is what the people always sees first, the face needs more grooming than of most of our body. What mainly destroys our face are, of course, skin acnes. Bearing acnes in your face or skin could probably give you ugly scars that you have to deal with for the rest of your days.

There have sprouted so many remedies of removing acne scars. They can be categorized in three: home medications, medicinal applications, and dermatology.

1.) Home medication is the simplest and cheapest remedy you could first try to remove your acne scars. Some substances that are commonly used in acne scar removal plan: egg white, lemon juice, baking soda, etc.

Egg whites contain amino acids and vital proteins that help regenerations of skin cells. It helps the skin by filling the grooves of the persistent acne. It also gives the skin a lightening effect. Baking soda possesses gentle acidic effect to the skin’s deep scars. Lemon juices possess characteristics that it could be used as a peeling agent to the skin to remove the outer dead skin and regeneration of new skin cells. However, this can cause irritation to sensitive skin.

2.) Many herbal remedies are recommended to treat severe acne problems which are regarded as safer and of course, cheaper than of dermal operations.

One of the finest herbal methods used to treat acne scars is the Aloe Vera plant. Aloe Vera’s effect to skin triggers skin regeneration. It gives the skin breezy feeling and effect that helps in reducing the inflammation and irritation.

3.) Pharmacological operations or dermatological therapies are rarely used to subdue minimal or small operation of acne scar removal. It is mainly because its costs are more than what was mentioned above. It has a higher chance of removing your acne scars in your face or skin in a short span of time but there could be a number of corresponding side effects that would turn up. Maybe this is the reason why many people are not using this kind of service. Although it could eliminate your acne scar problem, it may give you another problem that could be more severe or worse than of what you have now. On the upside, the efficiency of this method is recommended to the obstinate, entrenched acne problems. Retinal compound is one of the Pharmacological methods mainly used.

Substances that contain retinal compounds are exploited on people that has ran out of solution on how to treat their acne--patients whose acnes are caused by the Acne Vulgaris (worst form of acne). Retinal compounds have invigorating agents that tops off the basal layer of skin cells that aid the rejuvenation of the superficial layer of skin cells.

There are so many acne scar removal methods available today. You just have to choose what fits you--of what your wallet could handle and of what method fits your skin type.


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