Laser Treatments for Acne Scar Removal

Laser treatments for acne scar removal are becoming more and more popular nowadays. However, this doesn't necessarily mean that you have to jump onto the bandwagon yourself right away. Find out everything there is to know about laser treatments first to help you make the best decision for you.

Ablative Procedures

Ablative procedures basically involve getting rid of the skin's top layers, so that a smoother and more elastic layer can show up. Non-ablative procedures, on the other hand, do not get rid of any skin layers, though they do exfoliate the skin during the actual process. What these procedures do is stimulate collagen production instead, so that the acne scars will fill up naturally in the end.

There are various kinds of ablative procedures out there that you can turn for acne scar removal, as well. The CO2 laser would be the most powerful one since it involves deep skin resurfacing. The erbium (YAG) laser would be safer, though, because it isn't very aggressive on the skin. Then there is fractional laser treatment, which only treats parts of the surface of the skin without affecting the surrounding areas.

How Laser Treatments Work?

During laser procedures, intense light pulses are produced that can travel very fast to get rid of skin layers and stimulate deeper levels for more collagen production. In other words, lasers work like powerful skin peeling tools. What makes these procedures so effective and beneficial, though, would be the fact that they are incredibly precise. Plus, they can be regulated, so that you can get rid of skin layers, regardless of how thick those layers might be.

It is no secret that these treatments are incredibly invasive. You should also take note that your skin will be swollen and red afterwards, and that this redness could last from a few weeks to a few months, depending on how deep the skin layer was before it was removed. Because of this, it would be vital for you to apply the necessary protective and soothing creams afterwards. It would also be advisable to avoid as much sun exposure as possible after the procedure.

Another thing you should take note of is that acne might appear after the overall treatment because of the extensive application of creams. You might experience skin pigmentation changes, as well, in that the treated skin might end up looking darker or lighter than your natural skin in the end. While skin infections are quite rare after laser treatment, there is a slight risk for them, too.

Is Laser Treatments Effective?

The good news is that laser treatments are known to produce permanent results. In fact, dermatologists highly recommend them for boxcar, rolling and ice pick acne scars of various depths. Naturally, you will have to talk to your dermatologist several times before taking the leap into laser procedures, as well. Also, make sure you understand all of the permanent changes and different side effects that you could experience after these treatments before taking the leap.